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GLOSSARY of Printed Circuits

by John Walt Childers, IPC-CID, Founder of Golden Gate Graphics

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wafer — See silicon wafer .

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WIP — Work In Progress.   [Usage at Golden Gate Graphics: wip is used as the extension of the name of a folder or sub-directory which groups data in temporary storage locations for current "work in progress."  Any folders beneath the .WIP folder in the directory structure would be named for the software, company and job in that order. Eg: pclayout.wip/Cadstar/AcmeInc/A2Dboard]

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wire bonding — The method used to attach very fine wire to semiconductor components ( dice ) to interconnect these components with each other or with package leads.  The wires might be 1 to 2 mils in diameter and made of aluminum containing 1% silicon.

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wet solder mask — Applied by means of distributing wet epoxy ink through a silk screen, a wet solder mask has a resolution suitable for single-track design, but is not accurate enough for fine-line design. Therefore, it has been obsolete for decades.

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wire — Besides its usual definition of a strand of conductor, wire on a printed board also means a route or track.

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wire wrap area — A portion of a board riddled with plated-through holes on a 100-mil grid. Its purpose is for accepting circuits which may be found necessary after a PWB has been manufactured, stuffed , tested and debugged.

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You can buy the Modern Dictionary of Electronics new or used via the Internet.

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