Streamlined PCB Design

To bring about fast, accurate electronic schematic and printed circuit design, first we learn and use the full capabilities of productive software. We apply those tools to "Streamlined PCB Design" with the aim of fullfilling our printed circuit board designers' motto—

Create Final Products That Really Duplicate the Client’s Intentions.

Our aim is to win your business and keep it. We believe that after having one printed circuit board or schematic designed and documented by Golden Gate Graphics, you won't want to go anywhere else.

We have customers who consider us their own printed circuit design department. We hope you will, too.

We are providing you here with a full rundown of our capabilities so that you can have confidence that we are qualified do the schematics and printed circuit artwork (PCB Design) for your boards quickly and accurately.


Features of Our Design Service

Features of our design service:


Designs Done Right the First Time

Designs Done Right the First Time

We have gained our broad experience, from digital to sensitive analog , from thru hole to surface mount, while turning out accurate designs on schedule. Our customers have the confidence to certify Golden Gate Graphics for shipping artwork to point of use when manufacturing schedules are tight.

Engineers tell us we are very easy to work with. Our PCB designers provide documentation and check plots in electronic form, GC-Prevue .GWK files (organized Gerber & Excellon data) or Adobe PDF files, at each stage of the design, so that the engineer can make improvements along the way. We are thus able to exactly duplicate the engineer’s intentions. The result is unsurpassed speed of delivery and quality of product.


Streamlined PCB Design = Accuracy + Speed

Streamlined PCB Design = Accuracy + Speed

Even when doing quick turnaround design, accuracy comes first. Any error on a printed circuit board can detract from your product and slow down your production. John Childers, founder of Golden Gate Graphics, has found ways to simplify PCB design procedures and so produce fewer mistakes and faster turnarounds. He discovered techniques for systematically eliminating errors from printed circuit designs.

PCB designers at Golden Gate Graphics have been trained in the policies and procedures John developed. They get your designs right the first time with very rare exceptions. And they produce at faster rates than less accurate PCB designers because those procedures are simplicities, which save time as well as eliminate errors. This is Streamlined PCB Design:   Fast, accurate and reliable production of printed circuit artwork (PCB Design).

If we also help you complete and capture your schematics, so much the better as "Streamlined PCB Design" enters in at an even earlier stage than PCB layout. And all to your benefit.


Knowledge, Teamwork and Manufacturability

Knowledge, Teamwork and Manufacturability

We continue to work congenially with board and assembly houses to discover their requirements and give them what they want. Our goal is for your boards to get manufactured without special editing of photoplots or use of nonstandard methods at the board house. This helps get your boards made faster, often ahead of schedule. Our board designs typically fly through the Engineering Department of the board house. Why? Because there is nothing to correct, and that saves you time and money.

We lay out artwork for prototypes as though they are destined for high volume production. When the circuit is working and approved for mass production, there is less design modification needed. This effectively shortens your time-to- market. Put another way, we design for workability.

When we help with your next electronics project design we all become part of the same team.

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