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Printed Circuit Artwork (PCB Design / Layout)

Golden Gate Graphics does graphics design for the electronics manufacturing industry—we design the artwork used by fabricators and assemblers to make printed circuit boards. The widely used term for a business of this kind is "printed circuit design service bureau." Although we are located near Denver, Colorado, our customers are located throughout the world. Because we do this right, an electronics manufacturer can build your next project quickly and reliably.

Schematic Capture Service

Additional to PCB design, we provide schematic capture. This dovetails with printed circuit design, especially since we use the CAD software Altium Designer. Click here to read more about our schematic capture services.

Our Motto:

Create Final Products That Really Duplicate the Client’s Intentions.

Over the years, that has been a very successful operating basis in our work with electrical engineers .

We are an official Altium service bureau. We use the latest Altium Designer 24 and support earlier versions going back to 17 or even earlier.

If you are an electronics design engineer and have finished the schematic capture of your current project and need to get your circuit design manufactured as printed circuit boards, your next step is production of PWB artwork that will be used in the processes of your fabricator, aka board house .  Golden Gate Graphics is your best choice for fast and accurate PCB design services. If you have drawings or sketches of your circuit and need your schematic capture done for you, we do that too.

We design your electronic schematics and boards to be manufacturable, so your entire electronics project design costs less and gets built faster. We teach our designers how to streamline the Printed Circuit Artwork (PCB Design / Layout) process. The result:  Your design gets done quickly and without errors. The product is not just "artwork." It's "Valuable Final Artwork" .

With knowledge embracing many CAE, CAD and CAM software tools , we have come to rely on Altium Designer for creating quality schematics and PCB layouts. We make very effective use of its capabilities. Here's how:  
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If you need help with electronics project design terminology, please check out our Glossary of electronics schematics and printed circuit boards:  design and manufacturing.

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