Electronic Project Revisions and Streamlined Schematic Capture

Streamlining of the schematic really pays off when the circuit is revised. Let's say your PCB designer spent several hours doing all the work necessary to get pin-outs and footprints specified, netlist extraction errors corrected and so on, after the schematics are finished.  Then all those hours of work have to be repeated at each revision.  Why?  You'll have to get the new revised netlist to agree with the new PCB layout by automatic comparison (through software).  Otherwise you've forfeited your data's integrity.  By doing this detail work in the beginning with the schematic, you never have to do it again.  You can then focus on actual changes in each revision, speeding turn-around time and lowering cost--that's Streamlined PCB Design.

Note: If we design your schematics from scratch, that is to say, from hard copy drawings, we incorporate even deeper levels of Streamlined PCB Design.  Frankly, the technical details of this are a bit boring (unless you're an avid streamlining designer).  Our designers use the policies and procedures developed by John Walt Childers, IPC-CID to systematically eliminate errors at all phases of the electronic project design.  If the nitty gritty procedures would be of interest to you please contact him at the number below.

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