Electronic Schematic Capture :

Advantages of "Streamlined PCB Design"

The same PCB designer who will be doing the PCB layout is the best choice for opening the door to what is called " end-to-end design ." He can embed useful information into the schematic to make design interfaces flow smoother:  Add the PCB footprint information to the component attributes and ensure components are packaged with the correct pin-outs .  Because schematic component attributes are sometimes arbitrary (such as the particular name assigned to a PCB footprint), the PCB designer can match these arbitrary elements to his PCB component library.  He can even add parts ordering data to the schematic that gets extracted with the BOM

While all this streamlines the overall cycle of production, the electrical engineer is often too busy to do so much detail work at the schematic stage. Still, all of the above has to be addressed at some point.  Best to do it early, within the schematic computer database, and make all the downstream processes flow smoothly therefrom.  That's where we come in.  Thorough preparation of the schematic is the beginning of end-to-end design and a hallmark of Streamlined PCB Design.  It helps fulfill the policy that the schematic is the "bible," or the stable data, for the electronics project design:  The schematic is the data to which all other data in the project must align. Contact us for a quote on schematic capture.

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