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Do you need a PCB layout designer?

Does your work bench resemble the picture below?

electrical engineer's electronics lab work bench with oscilloscope

You are highly creative. You produce valuable products. You're an electrical engineer and electronic circuit designer.

You deserve a competent printed circuit board designer.

mountain road for comparing serenity of congenial freelance PWB layout designers or PC board layout consultants

One as agreeable as a ride through the mountains.

Sure, such a stress-free experience might rarely be achieved in this field.   You've put the finishing touches on your schematic and perhaps been through a critical design review.  Now you have to turn your circuit design over to someone else for PCB layout.  Possibly your deadline is fast approaching, with a software designer leaning on you for that working prototype.

Now imagine that your PCB layout guy is friendly, competent, reliable and fast.  Now you can relax.  Put your feet up.  Maybe even take that ride through the mountains.

We're "Golden Gate Graphics." Give us a look. We'll do our best for you.


Example Printed Boards

Click for Examples of  PCBs designed by Golden Gate Graphics

Golden Gate Graphics in an official Altium Service Bureau

Golden Gate Graphics in an official Altium Service Bureau