Credits and More About The Glossary of Printed Circuit Board Design

Along with the help of the open source community, the programming of MySQL and PHP and the designing of XHTML, CSS and graphics for this glossary were all developed by John Walt Childers, who also wrote the content except where bibliographic citations contained in the defintions show otherwise. Inclusion of contributors' names herein does not necessarily imply their awareness of their inclusion nor an endorsement on their part.

The following contributors made their know-how available either personally or through the on-line open source community:

  1. Robert K. Ware: Developer of the original special purpose online dictionary search engine for <>
  2. Special thanks is due to Mr. Ware for teaching me how to construct an action definition. I constructed the MySQL database around this simple paradigm. Definitions on the Internet do not need to be concerned with the cost of printed paper and so can be more complete and useful. An action definition is one which describes for a term "What it is, what causes it, what its effect is and how to alter it....This action definition merely tries to state, then, that the definition of something should lead to putting it into action or remedying it." Mr. Ware acknowledges here his source for this concept of an action definition.
  3. David Gowans: PHP Tutorial and PHP/MySQL Tutorial -- How to use PHP and the MySQL database to store information on the web and include it into your website. <>
  4. Vikram Vaswani: Author of Zend Technologies' PHP 101 Series Tutorials. <>.
  5. Joshua Luther Hunt-Smith: PHP "Hacker Fighter" code for defeating spambots. <>
  6. Peter Norvig: His simplified spell-checker algorithm was used as a learning tutorial. Dr. Norvig is Director of Research at Google and author of books on Artificial Intelligence. <>>
  7. Joe Sanders: PHP encoding of Dr. Norvig's algorithm. <>
  8. Refsnes Data: <>. Tutorials on XHTML and CSS were studied and applied for this entire website.

The following software was used to code and debug the php and xhtml:

  1. Arachnophilia by Paul Lutus. <>
  2. Aptana Studio 3 by Appcelerator, Inc. <>

The following sources were used to debug MySQL syntax:

  1. phpMyAdmin by the phpMyAdmin development team, consisting of Marc Delisle, Michal Čihař, Dieter Adriaenssens, Madhura Jayaratne and Rouslan Placella. <>
  2. MySQL 5.1 Reference Manual written by David Axmark and Michael “Monty” Widenius. It is maintained by the MySQL Documentation Team, consisting of Paul DuBois, Stefan Hinz, Philip Olson, John Russell, and Jon Stephens. <>

The terms included in this glossary all relate in some way to PCB design and only the defintions in that context are included.

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